Adopt A Fruit or Veg

All aboard! Our munchy band is all set to meet the kids. These fun fruits and vegetable characters will win little one's heart with their personality and health benefits.


Cute. Smiling. Active
Bassem, the Broccoli is every kid's best-bro-ever. Famous for his curly hair and super-stylish looks, he tends to stand out. Bassem, the broccoli is strong and packed with fibre, calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin A & C.
u4hk-character-apple (1)


Smart. Cute. Delicious
Latifa is the apple of every kid's eye. She is intelligent and ready for all kinds of challenges. She has superpowers and plenty of fiber that helps with digestion.
Calm. Wise. Humble
Hakima, the carrot will always cheer for you. She is famous for her relaxed and chilled attitude. She will follow you wherever you go - school, playground, or the beach. Her favorite music is zen. Hakima, the carrot is rich in vitamin A and always eager to help strengthen your eyesight.
Calm. Smiling. Refreshing
She is one in a melon. Hadya, the watermelon is always calm, relaxed and smiling. She is 92% water and an excellent choice for hydration. Like any good blues singer, Hadya loves melody and harmony.