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Hakima & Tamer

A carrot a day keeps those glasses at bay. Print this coloring story series for your children to see how Tamer realizes that it’s time he needs glasses!

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Jamila and Tamer Story

Just like the cool shade of a tree, a plate of cucumbers can keep your kids refreshed and hydrated during the scorching summer heat. Print this story series of Jamila and Tamer for your tiny tots to color while they learn.DOWNLOAD STORY
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Coloring Time!

It’s time to make munching apples an everyday habit! A couple of slices and you’re kids are good to go for the day! Download and print this coloring story series for your children to see how what Latifa tells Tamer!
Let the fun begin!
Treat your kids to two of their favorite natural boosters that they'll love. To know how the story unfolds, download and print this coloring series and let the fun begin!
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Create Your Own Characters

Download the images below to print, cut, stick and create your own new band members!
Don't forget to name them before enjoying them as a tasty treat!