Ramadan Daytime Stories
Jolly Sally
Jolly Sally_EN
During the last week of Ramadan, relax and let your children read you “Jolly Sally” story. Check out Sally’s fun way to stay active during the holy month.
Saleem, Salma and The Salad
Salim, Salma and The Salad_EN
Let your children read you the inspiring story of ‘Saleem, Salma & the Salad’, our latest Nestlé For Healthier Kids Ramadan Daytime Story. Discover how the twins figured out a fun and creative way to healthy eating during Ramadan.
Droppie Drop
Ramadan is a wonderful time for families but there’s a lot to do and a daily rest is important. So let your kids take charge and help you relax before Iftar by reading you Nestlé For Healthier Kids Ramadan Daytime Stories. With a new story each week, they’ll inspire a healthy lifestyle for the whole family.