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Treasure Bottle

Twice a week for 8 weeks
Age 6 - 9
Treasure Bottle

It’s not unusual for kids to get into the habit of snacking between meals. Why not give them a fun game to keep their hands busy during those times they might want to snack?

What you need

Plastic bottle or other plastic container with a tight lid

Sand or small pebbles

Small items that fit into the bottle which can be the “treasure”

How it works

  1. Fill the plastic container just over half full with sand or small pebbles.
  2. Add small “treasures” like paper clips, bolts, pennies or other small items.
  3. Secure the lid tightly to ensure the child cannot open it.
  4. Write the number of items that are in the container on the outside.
  5. Encourage your child to roll the container around to spot all the hidden treasure. Supervise them to ensure the container stays closed.