Crusty Fruity Custard

  • Easy Dificultad

  • 26 min Prep

  • 4-13 Age range

  • 4 Serves

  • 192 kcal

Crusty fruit Custard


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Let´s Cook

P = Steps performed by Parents; K = Steps performed by Kids

  1. In a bowl mix together milk, corn starch and brown sugar
    Add egg, vanilla. Whisk well (P and K)

  1. Cook the preparation over medium heat until it thickens, stirring constantly (P)

  2. Pour the hot preparation into cups and serve cold topped with fruits and cereals (P and K)

MORE Fruits & Vegetables We know it’s often tricky to get your children to try new flavours. But if you get creative with food for kids, you can help them discover that variety makes mealtimes fun – while ensuring they get the nutrition they need.
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