French toast skewers

  • Easy Dificultad

  • 10 min Prep

  • 4 Serves

  • 205 kcal

كعكة جزر


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Let´s Cook

P = Steps performed by Parents; K = Steps performed by Kids

  1. Cut the bread into big cubes (P)

  1. Crack the eggs into a bowl (P) and (K)

  2. Add the milk, vanilla cinnamon to the bowl and whisk. (K)

  3. Soak bread cubes in the egg mixture and count to 200, turning halfway. (K)

  4. Add butter/oil in the frying pan and heat. (P)

  5. Cook bread in pan for 2 minutes until golden and flip (P)

  6. Thread 3 bread cubes onto skewers alternating with strawberries. (K)

  7. Serve with honey and enjoy. (K)

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