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Paper Chasers

Twice a week for 3 weeks
Age 4 - 10
Paper Chasers

If it’s raining outside or there aren’t enough kids around to play together, it can be a challenge to encourage your child to get up and active. Why not try these fun treasure hunts to help keep your kids moving even when they’re indoors?

Scavenger Hunt
Choose different coloured sticky paper for each child playing. Place the bits of paper in several locations around the house. Whichever child finds all their coloured paper first wins.

Point Hunt
Each colour paper is worth a certain amount of points. Hide several bits of paper around the house and give the kids one minute to find as many as they can. The child with the highest score wins.

Paper War
Each child chooses one colour as their own and places several pieces of paper of that colour on a wall. In one minute they must try and steal as many pieces as possible of the other player’s colour. Whoever has the most of the other player’s paper in the end wins.


Coloured sticky paper

Download Paper Chasers


  1. Select one of the treasure hunts to play.
  2. Set up the game for your children and explain the rules.
  3. When the game is over you may need to help the children work out who the winner is.