Twice a week for 3 weeks
2 - 12
Stand up sit down

When kids watch TV they often sit still for long periods of time as they concentrate on the story. During this time, it’s good to get up and move about a bit, instead of just sitting. Here's a fun, simple game to get the whole family moving without missing out on the action. Pick a word and every time you hear that word on TV, just stand up. Whoever stands up fastest wins!

How it works

  1. Choose a word or words that will be the signal to stand up.
  2. Turn on your favourite TV show and prepare to play.
  3. When you hear the word, whoever stands up fastest wins!
  4. All sit back down and carry on the game.
MORE Movement Physical activity on a regular basis plays a crucial part in a healthy lifestyle. Any amount of exercise is better than none at all. And it doesn’t matter what kind it is either – running, jumping and throwing all count. Being active is not only important for children to develop their motor skills, it helps with decision-making, paying attention and teamwork. Tell me more!
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