Twice a week for 3 weeks
4 - 12
Who am I


Make drinking water regularly more fun for your kids with this guessing game. Stick an animal picture or character to the bottom of your child’s water cup. Each time they take a sip, the child asks the other players a yes or no question to try and work out who they are. In the process, they drink more water!

What you need

One character for each player

One cup for each player



How it works

  1. Choose characters for each player.
  2. Stick a character on the outside bottom of the cups, without revealing the characters to the players.
  3. Fill the cups with water.
  4. The players take it in turns to ask a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question about which character they are. Every time they ask a question they must take a sip from their cup so it tips up and the other players can see the character on the bottom.
  5. Carry on taking turns until everyone has guessed who they are.
MORE Water Water is the best choice for thirsty kids. After all, it’s what their bodies are mostly made of. And, unlike soft drinks and juice, drinking water benefits kids by providing essential hydration – without any sugar.
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