• Easy Dificultad

  • 10 min Prep

  • 4-13 Age range

  • 2 Serves

  • 46 kcal

كباب الخيار والطماطم الكرزية مع غموس اللبنة


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Let´s Cook

  1. Wash 2 cucumbers and a handful of cherry tomatoes.

  2. Cut the cucumbers into rings.

  3. Insert 1 cherry tomato and then 1 cucumber ring on a stick and then repeat again till the end of the stick.

  4. Serve these vegetable kebabs with a low-fat labneh dip.

MORE Fruits & Vegetables We know it’s often tricky to get your children to try new flavours. But if you get creative with food for kids, you can help them discover that variety makes mealtimes fun – while ensuring they get the nutrition they need.
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