Twice a week for 8 weeks
4 - 12
Dance like a star

To encourage kids to move more, it helps to give them fun activities they can do even when they’re indoors. Why not try these fun dance routines to help your kids stay active any time and no matter what the weather?

How it works

  1. Pick a dance routine and print it out.
  2. Use the print out to practice the moves. Try it out with different types of music.
  3. Try to perform the dance without the paper, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get every step right, the aim is to just keep moving!
MORE Movement Physical activity on a regular basis plays a crucial part in a healthy lifestyle. Any amount of exercise is better than none at all. And it doesn’t matter what kind it is either – running, jumping and throwing all count. Being active is not only important for children to develop their motor skills, it helps with decision-making, paying attention and teamwork. Tell me more!
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