3 times a week for 12 weeks
2 - 12
Sleep run

We can all use a little extra motivation when it comes to getting active. Something as simple as leaving your kid’s running shoes by their bed could help remind them to get moving as soon as they wake up. Why not start by using our fun shoe mat? There’s no reason why the whole family can’t join in!

What you need



How it works

  1. Select one of the treasure hunts to play.
  2. Set up the game for your children and explain the rules.
  3. When the game is over you may need to help the children work out who the winner is.
MORE Movement Physical activity on a regular basis plays a crucial part in a healthy lifestyle. Any amount of exercise is better than none at all. And it doesn’t matter what kind it is either – running, jumping and throwing all count. Being active is not only important for children to develop their motor skills, it helps with decision-making, paying attention and teamwork. Tell me more!
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